RIP December 1, 2015
Our dear Ms. Ming erred by venturing into a neighbor's yard where she fell victim to their dog, exactly 2-1/2 months from the day she first came to live with us. She was a truly wonderful kitty, and her loss has had us grieving more for her than for any of our other feline companions (and we've loved them all).

Ming's hanai mom, G K, invited her to come join her in her new Happy Valley digs! 
The above picture was taken on 9/15/15, the day we first laid eyes on her.

She was a cutie hapa kitty, for sure! (Hapa: Hawaiian for "half")

We truly loved this kolohe (naughty) little girl, and our hearts still ache for her.

One of my very last pictures of her; Sunday, November 30, 2015, age "3-months."
Aloha O'e, dear, dear Ming . . . farewell to thee!

Photos by Bruce