The Dreambook Guest Book for All Ways Maui'd Weddings, Ceremonies & Photography ~ August, 2008 to January, 2014
These are comments that were posted to an old Guest Book...up until the company that hosted the book pulled the plug.

Name: Laurie Campbell
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Comments: Greg and I are looking forward to our blessed event. Feel very fortunate to be working with you both. We are very sure it is going to be special for the two of us. Can hardly wait!
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 02:49:41 PM
Name: Amorie & Steve Corsiglia 
Comments: Well we have been married for a grand total of 9 days but I can't say enough how wonderful Kolleen and Bruce were to work with. It took me less then 5 minutes on the phone with Kolleen to know she was the right fit for us. She has an unbelievable amount of care and desire to make sure that the people she deals with have the most amazing experience and I can say she went above and beyond our expectations. She is so sweet and warm and made our wedding truly special. Bruce was also amazing to work with and took amazing pictures and captured everything perfectly. I remember him saying that some of the pictures may not be the best but I will say we didn't erase one picture that he took and they were all great and worthy of printing, I'll also add he took more then the 200-300 promised. If you're planning on getting married on maui, or having any type of ceremony, there is no need to look any further because they are the best. We can't thank them enough for everything they did!!!!

Amorie and Steve Corsiglia. 

Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 04:01:19 PM
Name: Joanne Goss
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Comments: It has been almost 11 years since Rev Kolleen married us. I remember the day like yesterday. One of the reasons is because of Rev Kolleen and Bruce. They made this day special, from the preparation prior to the wedding - I never felt worried or hesitant about using someone I'd never met before. Rev Kolleen put me at ease instantly and helped me form a ceremony that was tailored to us. Her mannerism and commitment to providing the perfect service. Both Kolleen and Bruce are remarkable. They are warm and caring and professional. I would never ever hesitate to recommend these two. I truly believe that they are committed to you as customers and you become friends. We have stayed in touch through the years and enjoy their friendship. We will be having them do our vow renewal ceremony in the future. Wouldn't have it any other way! 
Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 07:34:38 AM
Name: Denise Archie
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Comments: Kolleen
We can't thank you enough for the officiating our Vow Renewal on Thursday night. Butch and I were completely surprised by this thoughtful gift from our kids, Josh and Jessica. We originally were married in Las Vegas and our ceremony although special didn't nearly compare to our renewal with the special meaning that came with it. We are more in love now than we have ever been and with Christ being the center of our life this renewal has such a significant meaning to it. Having our kids plan this was just one more blessing in our marriage. You are an amazing woman with a special gift and surely a blessing to many young couples starting off as well as us having been in love for 30 years. Butch isn't a very emotional man, but when it comes to me, the kids and first and foremost Jesus Christ these are the only three things to bring him to tears and with the beautiful ceremony that you provided to us you can be added to the list. Because of this Napili Bay will always be our special place of Love for each other.

Mahalo Nui Loa and God Bless 
Butch and Denise Archie

Thursday, May 16th 2013 - 05:42:04 AM
Name: Wade and Sheree Mostoller
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Comments: Dear Rev. Kolleen and Bruce,

Sheree and I wish to share a joyful “Aloha” and our continued sense of appreciation and gratitude for not only you two being the gracious people you are but especially for the wonderful lasting “Maui’d” wedding memories you helped create for us.

Our day was a beautiful yet blustery Hawai’i morning exactly two years ago this day. The weather was symbolically a perfect morning, with rain off at a distance but nowhere near our ceremony. Truly the weather was an added blessing in light of Sheree and I starting our mature life together with the joys and challenges we all may face. Our dream to have our marriage consecrated by God under the open sky on a beach in Hawai’i with respectful and understanding people was tremendously appreciated. We said at the time to each of you but now we wish publicly acknowledge our sincere gratitude for making our wedding more than a special day to us…it was a dream come true.

To Rev. Kolleen, you spoke the words of our Vows with such heartfelt grace and conviction. To Bruce, Rev. Kolleen’s loving partner and husband, you epitomize love and honor in a marriage and complement your wife with the splendid and beautifully captured photographs you took of our Holy ceremony. To Kristine, your Harp and you are one in delivering heavenly music to our ears and that drew me to tears hearing it and added to the significance of the occasion. To Brian, our Videographer who did such excellent work in capturing our blessed ceremony for future days when life's memories want to fade. Our wedding ceremony in our eyes was nothing short of PERFECT in our hearts and minds for us.

For all those who are interested but undecided about utilizing the services of All Ways Maui’d or any of their supporting service providers for their special day or ceremony…we share the above words as well. We learned of Rev. Kolleen services by asking the concierge at the Hyatt and receiving their strongest recommendation of her for “officiating” our important day. The more we worked with her the more we liked her methods and business offerings for our needs and finances. We completely and whole-heartedly recommend Rev. Kolleen and “All Ways Maui’d” for your special day no matter what that may be.


Wade and Sheree

Sunday, November 4th 2012 - 08:41:07 AM
Name: Nicole & Justin Frizzell
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Comments: Kolleen, Bruce, Brian, Kristine: I just wanted to extend our gratitude for the amazing job everyone did for us. Our wedding was so fantastically perfect it is hard to put into words. We have spend the last 2 months gushing over the pictures, watching our video (more then once!) and just enjoying the moments all over again. We are having a reception here at the end of Sept. and can't WAIT to show everyone all the amazing footage of our wonderful day! Thank you again! Maybe we'll fun into you in Maui next year! 
Wednesday, August 29th 2012 - 07:06:46 AM
Name: Davida and Marty Williams
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Comments: It's been 2 months since we were married and Marty and I keep talking about how special our wedding was and so glad you two were a part of it!!!! Thank You so much!! The pictures were just perfect!!
Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 06:58:23 AM
Name: Cathy & Tim Murphy
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Comments: Rev. Kolleen & Bruce, We would love to thank you for such a amazing ceremony for renewing our vows on 4/24/12. It was such a beautiful morning and service that we will never forget. The pictures that Bruce took were great and we will have lasting memories. Mahalo and Aloha, Cathy & Tim, Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 - 06:25:33 AM
Name: Linda and Hap Pimental
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Comments: Thank you for the most amazing wedding ever. Been to so many weddings over the years and can honestly say we have never heard such a beautiful ceremony. Many things make a perfect weddings, but words that aren't said right can spoil the whole thing. You know how to do it. We loved you from the start and we will give your name to everyone we know. 
Thank you, 
Linda and Hap
Wednesday, February 8th 2012 - 06:38:06 PM
Name: Michelle Setlik
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Comments: Kolleen and Bruce, 

I wanted to thank you both again for the beautiful ceremony and terrific pictures. I'm so happy that we found you! You really made my parents' 40th wedding anniversary special. We've had so many people comment on the photographs from the vow renewal ceremony and the family pictures afterward. For the rest of our lives we will be able to look at those amazing pictures and remember that beautiful day! Thank you as well for the recommendation of Stella Blues. It was by far our favorite restaurant on Maui. I will definitely tell anyone I know who is coming to Maui how great you both are. 

Thanks again from our entire family.

Michelle Setlik
Grand Island, Nebraska

Saturday, January 21st 2012 - 03:57:41 AM
Name: Tim and Angel Armstrong
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Comments: Hi Kolleen and Bruce,
Angel and I were married July 21 2001 at the Hyatt. Were doing great and just looked You up. Anyway Thanks for your help 10 years ago it was a beautiful day for us. Thank you. 
Saturday, November 12th 2011 - 02:44:03 PM
Name: Beth Willingham
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Comments: We decided to have our wedding at Charley Young Beach Park in Kihei, and we're glad we did. (It was very beautiful and peaceful!) I was so nervous, but Kolleen’s sweet spirit quickly put me at ease. The wind was blowing very hard, which had me a little worried, but Kolleen again put me at ease by telling us that it's believed that when the wind blows during wedding ceremonies, it represents the spirits of departed family members in attendance.

Our pictures were so, so beautiful. All of our family and friends couldn't believe that they were real. The ones taken at sunset were surreal, and some looked like a Hollywood backdrop. Bruce is a true treasure, and Kolleen is the cherry on top.

I was so grateful to have the beautiful keepsake wedding certificate and the copy of our wedding vows. It's nice to go back, and read over the promises we made to one another. (I can also put captions of the vows with the correlating photos.)

Thanks again Kolleen and Bruce for the most memorable day of our lives!

Dale & Beth Willingham

Thursday, November 3rd 2011 - 03:16:09 AM
Name: Shannon Cooper
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Comments: We had a vow renewal ceremony on Sept. 8, 2011. Rev. Kolleen and Bruce were wonderful, warm and sincere. The ceremony was everything that we had wanted and more. Mark and I had the luxury of spending some time with the Wheelers after the ceremony and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting a special ceremony. We have beautiful pictures, a wedding certificate and a copy of the ceremony as keepsakes. Thank you Rev. Kolleen and Bruce for making our 10yr wedding anniversary very special. Aloha, Mark and Shannon Cooper
Monday, September 19th 2011 - 08:32:55 AM
Name: Bob Alexander
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Comments: Bruce, regarding your post at the Memories of DC web page: Man, I sure enjoyed your history review and I also remember quite a few of your favorite areas. How about Boy Scout troop 69 at the church on Park Rd. (I think) and 14th Street. I got caught when my buddy and I snuck into the Tivoli theater when an usher came up to the balcony and turned us into the mgr. I attended MacFarland and later attended Anacostia Jr/Sr HS until 12/41 when I quit and joined the Navy. I also went aboard the Pres. plane at the Naval Air Station. Married a Jurney on Minn. Ave. 68 years ago after a Peggy Miller dropped me when I went Navy. Some of my buddies were Jr. Mills, Paul Benner, the Bolka boys and the Sterling sisters, Andrew Peckhem and his mom as a school teacher. Thanks for bringing the names up but wish I could remember more. Thanks again. Bob
Saturday, September 17th 2011 - 05:21:37 AM
Name: Kim W
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Comments: Thank you for the wonderful vow renewal ceremony you performed for us on July 15. It was everything we hoped for, and the pictures Bruce took are beautiful. We are so glad we chose you both to help us celebrate our day.
Thursday, August 4th 2011 - 03:13:18 PM
Name: Judy Barnett
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Monday, July 25th 2011 - 08:09:56 AM
Name: Maureen & Bill Murphree
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you Bruce and Kolleen for making our wedding such a memorable event. We traveled from Australia for this important occasion and we took a chance on picking you to perform the ceremony and take the photos, going purely on internet recommendations. We were not disappointed at all!! Thank you again for helping to make us happy!
Saturday, June 18th 2011 - 06:10:49 PM
Name: Wendy McNichols
E-mail address:
Comments: I would personally like to thank Bruce and Rev. Kolleen for the most perfect day EVER! I surprised a vow renewal for my husband Stephen on May 25, 2011 and it couldn't have been any more perfect! He was totally surprised and Rev. Kolleen was absolutely superb! I also hired Bruce to take pictures and he did the most amazing job ever! I absolutely love the shots he took; they turned out beautifully.

Thank you Rev. Kolleen and Bruce for making that day so very special in my heart. I will remember that day forever!



Saturday, June 11th 2011 - 07:02:57 PM
Name: David Timmons
Comments: "The Magic of Maui" by David Timmons

Long I've prayed, that one day there'd be,
A lady like Shirley, to Maui me.

With cheeks of blush, and kisses sweet,
God blessed the day, when we did meet.

Eleven months we've dated, and oft we've said,
“God haste the day, when we'll be wed.”

Now that date is set, all's said and done,
When our soul's will join, and become as one.

That fateful time, was made and set,
By a lovely lady, we've never met.

She's God's Maui angel, working sight unseen,
A minister of God, her name's Kolleen.

We'll have many memories of Maui, but none will compete,
With what she brings together for us, right there on the beach.

David & Shirley Timmons -- Married on Maui, 11/01/01

Sunday, June 5th 2011 - 08:59:50 PM
Name: Robert and Elizabeth Russell
E-mail address:
Comments: Kolleen and Bruce,

Every time we look through our wedding photos we are reminded about much fun we had. We certainly expected the location to be beautiful and the wedding to be a success but we did not expect the "fun". We knew it would be beautiful, moving and thought provoking, maybe a little stressful ... but fun?! 

The ceremony itself was lovely and the manner in which you handled the arrangements was stellar. You made it very easy for us.

The photographs are fabulous as is the smile that comes to our faces every time we look at them.


Robert and Elizabeth

Friday, May 13th 2011 - 02:49:18 PM
Name: kathy unger
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Comments: It must have been a couple of years since I have looked at your website, and, WOW! I am really, really impressed with how you have expanded it. It must be the most comprehensive website on the whole island.

Bruce, you are an amazing photographer. I have seen some of your work before and you are just getting better and better. I loved the one of the groom holding his bride over his head - very Barishnakov. But then, she must have great abdominals, too. Are they professional dancers?

I also really loved and was touched by the way that the photo gallery lets people know that ALL kinds of weddings are joyously and openly celebrated, even though that might not be the case in other parts of the world.

Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 10:06:15 PM
Name: Paula & Joseph
E-mail address:
Comments: Aloha,
We want to thank you again for the wonderful marriage ceremony. It was the greatest sunset in our life.
Thank you Bruce for our beautiful pictures, we love them!

You are the most wonderful people in the world!
Hope to see you in Maui again.

Monday, November 29th 2010 - 08:26:02 AM
Name: Rosemary & Rick
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Comments: Aloha, We want to thank you again for our beautiful vow renewal at Fleming Beach. What a wonderful morning it was! We will treasure our special day forever. You are amazing! How romantic the ceremony was, we loved it.

Thank you Bruce for our beautiful pictures, we love them!! 

You both do a great job, and are wonderful! THANKS AGAIN!! Hope to see you in Maui again!

Monday, November 22nd 2010 - 03:40:29 AM
Name: Joanne & Wally Goss
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Comments: Kolleen, to this day I can't think of a better way to start our life together as husband and wife. You married us eight years ago and the ceremony along with your special touches could not have been any better. Bruce took our photos and did a wonderful job, the soft sounds of the guitar and singer blended with the waves. You made us feel special. You made us feel like this was our day and ours alone and that it was special to you, too. 
Thank you so much. You truly have a gift.

Joanne & Wally Goss

Monday, October 11th 2010 - 03:12:48 PM
Name: Jane & Stewart Solomon of Mahalo Travel & Cruises Inc.
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Homepage URL:
Comments: I have known Rev. Kolleen & Bruce Wheeler for many years now. I've sent many clients to them for Maui weddings who were all extremely satisfied with everything that was done for them. They do it all for you - NO WORRIES, IT WILL BE FANTASTIC! Kolleen will recommend sites for you that have spectacular ocean and mountain views, and she'll handle all the arrangements, including flowers, music and wonderful photography by her husband, Bruce. You can relax and be assured that everything will be just perfect!

In 2003 I had the pleasure of having Rev. Kolleen renew our marriage vows, with our children and a dear friend from New York. After months of talking via phone, the day arrived, and everything was exactly as we had planned it to be. It was emotional and amazing for all who were there! A day we will remember for life. If all goes well, God willing, we hope to do it again for our 50th. 

I highly recommend All Ways Maui'd Weddings, Ceremonies & Photography to everyone, you won't be disappointed!

Our very best wishes, and love, to Rev. Kolleen & Bruce

Monday, October 4th 2010 - 07:51:44 PM
Name: Amanda & Ray
E-mail address:
Comments: Rev. Kolleen,

We would like to extend you a big "Thank You" for the beautiful ceremony you performed during our private, but “Aloha” filled wedding in Maui on 09.09.2010. We wanted it simple and that's what you gave us. We wanted it our way at our pace and that's what you gave us. It was a pleasure to work with you from start to finish. We will carry the wonderful memories to eternity. With the trade winds, the ocean, and the butterfly that flew by as our witnesses we started our journey in the most wonderful setting. We forever will cherish the moment and thank you for being a part of it. We will make sure to share our experience with others who may be interested in getting married or renew their vows and recommend your services to them without any hesitation. Please share our best wishes with Bruce for a speedy recovery and with the hopes of visiting you again,


Amanda & Ray

Friday, September 17th 2010 - 03:24:35 PM
Name: Frank & Pamela Madigan
E-mail address:
Comments: Dear Kolleen & Bruce: Thank you again for the lovely ceremony and beautiful photographs from our vow renewal ceremony last Tuesday morning, July 27, 2010. Fleming Beach was the perfect location and it was a perfectly lovely day.

We were so impressed by the care and quality you take in your work. I would recommend you to anyone! The ceremony itself was just what we wanted and what impressed us were how many options you offer in terms of crafting a ceremony, it was just perfect. Kolleen you are a beautiful, spirit filled soul and it was our honor to have you officiate at our ceremony. We also really appreciated the lei choice, it was beautiful and it still smells like heaven on earth! Thank you for everything you do and the care with which you do it.

Bruce as I've already said, the photos were beautiful, they were so much more than we expected and we love each and every one of them. We have several favorites, several of us as a family but we also love the one of our girls jumping, it turned out really cute! Just like your lovely wife, you are a treasure and we can't thank you enough for the service you provided for our family. 
All Ways Maui'd is "no ka oi"; you the best!
Mahalo and thank you for everything,
Pamela & Frank Madigan

Tuesday, August 3rd 2010 - 07:27:12 AM
Name: Aisha & Chris
Comments: Kolleen & Bruce, it was a pleasure working with the both of you. Our wedding day was stress free and wonderful thanks to you! We would recommend All Ways Maui'd Weddings to anyone who wants to get married in Maui. And, everyone is talking about how beautiful our wedding photos are! Again, thanks for everything. 
Tuesday, July 6th 2010 - 02:28:04 PM
Name: Sharon and Jerry Arnal
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://www.myspace/
Comments: Aloha everyone,
"All Ways Maui'd" is all you need to know if you are planning for your nuptials in Maui. Kolleen and Bruce Wheeler were "Fantabulous!" They have a special, positive energy that surrounds them and once you meet them, it takes hold of you and envelopes both of you and your ceremony. Our ceremony was perfect, and thrice blessed by gentle breezes, light showers and rainbows. Bruce took care to capture our special moments and clicked with the expertise of a true professional in his field. Kolleen flooded the moments with the love and passion that could only be delivered by a true messenger of God and the gods of Hawai'i. We would -and do- highly recommend them to anyone making Maui their wedding destination. Aloha and God bless. He has blessed us. 
Tuesday, March 9th 2010 - 02:03:08 PM
Name: dalayna tunchez
E-mail address:
Comments: Rev. Kolleen -
Just wanted to thank you for marrying us nearly 5 yrs ago (June 13 '05). It's been a wonderful 4 1/2 yrs so far & we have even added a little one to our family. We loved our small but beautiful ceremony... hoping maybe we can make it back out at the 10 yr anniversary for a vow renewal.

Thanks for everything! Dalayna & Albeso Tunchez

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 07:31:59 AM
Name: Darren & Regina Roberts
Homepage URL:
Comments: Kolleen & Bruce Wheeler are the BEST!

We needed someone AWESOME to help plan our destination wedding from a few thousand miles away. No easy task, right?

I went with Kolleen because we just hit it off right away. She struck me as honest, experienced, kind-hearted and straightforward. She made me feel the most at ease.

And we are SO glad! Kolleen is AMAZING. What a sweetheart! She's got the ability to calm you down, just by the sound of her voice. 

Kolleen's recommendations were spot on. Thanks to her suggestions, I felt fully informed, and things turned out exactly as she said they would.

Kolleen gave us exactly what we wanted - a simple, lovely, and tasteful wedding. She understood what we wanted, and knew how to make it happen. It made it easier to actually ENJOY the wedding when the big day arrived.

Speaking of which, the ceremony was so beautiful! Even other vendors on the island say how beautiful Kolleen's ceremonies are. She's earned that reputation for a reason. She recommended the picturesque Maui Tropical Plantation for our 20+ guests, and the vows were just as gorgeous as the scenery.

What put things over the top, though, were the INCREDIBLE pictures Bruce took. He's excellent, and such a cool guy. Totally positive, pleasant, and a great sense of humor (they are the cutest couple!). Everyone felt completely comfortable with him. 

And the pictures - I can't praise him highly enough! How did he manage to take so many beautiful pictures? One after another, every single subject portrayed in such a flattering light. He was really generous with his time, and the quality of his work is remarkable.

I'm very critical of pictures taken of me, and usually complain loudly about how I look. Not in this case - I'm thrilled about how the pictures turned out!

Would I recommend Kolleen & Bruce - in a heartbeat! Thanks for going above and beyond for us, and for giving us one of the happiest days of our lives! Lots of love-

Darren & Regina

Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 - 10:04:47 AM
Name: Tami and David Thompson
E-mail address:
Comments: For anyone looking to have a very romantic yet stress free wedding, Rev. Kolleen and hubby Bruce are the ones to call! What an absolutely beautiful place Maui is and Charlie Young Park is terrific for stunning scenery! When we first contacted Kolleen she basically took us by the hand and went step by step through what we would need to make our wedding day the most special time of our lives! From the flowers to the vows to the photography, they are a top notch operation and we had a GREAT time! I married my best friend and made new ones all in the same morning! Definitely give them a call if you want the BEST wedding Maui has to offer! Cheers!
Tami T. Thompson 
Monday, December 21st 2009 - 09:39:16 AM
Name: Kathy Nelson-Campbell
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you for the most beautiful wedding we could ever have asked for. 

We loved Maui and will be back many times. 

Wednesday, October 14th 2009 - 04:15:13 PM
Name: Barbara & Larry Freedman
E-mail address:
Comments: Larry and I renewed our vows on Maui on August 7th and Kolleen and Bruce Wheeler coordinated our ceremony and photography. We had the most romantic ceremony that brought us both to tears, thanks to the touching vows that Kolleen recited and the romantic setting. We had the best sunset. Bruce was the photographer and he took the best photos. The conch shell blowing was a special touch as well. Our vow renewal was toward the end of our trip and we had our renewal photos, complete with negatives and CD, in the mail to us with days of our departing Maui. Kolleen and Bruce really pulled this together and without their expertise on location, flowers and ceremony choices, our vow renewal would not have felt like our first wedding. Larry and I felt the excitement we experienced at our original wedding years ago. 

Hats off to Kolleen and Bruce for a wonderful experience. I highly recommend using All Ways Maui'd for your wedding, vow renewal and photography needs.

Barbara and Larry Freedman
Centreville, VA 

Tuesday, August 25th 2009 - 01:54:05 PM
Name: John and Dinora Vasquez
E-mail address:
Comments: Rev. Kolleen & Bruce Wheeler are the BEST!!! Awesome service!
Saturday, August 8th 2009 - 03:18:15 AM
Name: Gary and Melissa Mitkowski
E-mail address: Garydoc!
Comments: We were so blessed by the ceremony Rev. Kolleen performed for us. We renewed our vows after 21 years, and she made it so very special. It had a Hawaiian theme laced throughout the whole ceremony, our favorite part was the exchanging of the leis and understanding what it meant. We will treasure this in our hearts forever. Rev. Kolleen was so flexible, (Changed from beach to Gardens because of rain) thoughtful, (umbrellas) and gracious (offered tissues) during ceremony. We will never forget it and was blessed to have her as our minister who performed our renewal. ~ Gary and Melissa Mitkowski 
P.S.- We have the beautiful certificate framed and hanging on the wall in our bedroom and I love reading over the ceremony you typed for us as a keepsake. Thanks again!
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 10:55:18 AM
Name: Kelly Turner and Noel Rivera
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you for remembering our Anniversary. It's very sweet of you. We will be coming back your way next summer and we can't wait!!!
Take care
Friday, July 24th 2009 - 10:13:18 AM
Name: Angie 
Comments: Dear Rev. Kolleen and Bruce,
Thanks so much for sending the birthday card yesterday. I enjoyed that and it was a nice surprise. I hope all is well with you both. We miss Maui and had such a wonderful time there. We were so happy with everything you did for us, the wonderful ceremony and the beautiful/artistic pictures. We appreciate you making our wedding so special. Take care, Angie
Friday, July 24th 2009 - 04:06:35 AM
Name: Debra Graham (Court)
E-mail address:
Comments: Upon just returning from our wedding on Maui, we feel compelled to issue a huge THANK YOU to Kolleen and Bruce for our perfect wedding in paradise. Everything went swimmingly, from every promise kept by Kolleen and Bruce, to the sweet, calm, and centered nature of both Kolleen and Bruce. If you are looking for a company (but they are so much less clinical than the term, yet every bit as organized and dedicated as one would wish of any business), you are in the right place. Both my new husband, Brian, and I have had many conversations about how very perfect it was. Thanks, thanks.

Debra and Brian 

Friday, July 10th 2009 - 05:41:36 AM
Name: Rachel Bowden
E-mail address:
Comments: As our anniversary approaches again we think back each year at how our lives began together 3 years ago on that beautiful Maui beach, and how much better it has been since that day. We are grateful for joys and challenges that marriage has given us.

We are so glad that we chose All Ways Maui'd to marry us and to do our wedding photography. It was picture perfect in every way, and we highly recommend their services to everyone interested in making their wedding dreams come true. Thanks for making our special day one that we will always cherish!

Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 05:05:24 AM
Name: Conn Bancroft
E-mail address:
Comments: Thanks for the updated pages. It is always a treat to see what the two of you have been up to!

We are looking forward to seeing you both in a couple of weeks.

Aloha......Conn, Natasha & Hannah Bancroft

Monday, April 27th 2009 - 01:59:48 AM
Name: Harlan Hughes
Comments: It's a pleasure to know you folks and to share this beautiful island as 'ohana. Aloha Kakou!
Monday, March 9th 2009 - 08:13:46 AM
Name: Ryan McCormack
E-mail address:
Comments: Kolleen & Bruce are FANTASTIC!!! Kolleen's ceremony and the words she spoke could not have been any better and the photos that Bruce took are unbeatable! They made our special day that much more special - THANK YOU Kolleen & Bruce!


Friday, February 27th 2009 - 09:02:51 AM
Name: Diane & Rex Wollmann
E-mail address:
Comments: Dear Kolleen and Bruce,

We were married 4-2-06 on beautiful Maui. What a magical day! We'll remember it always! Your gorgeous photos and beautiful words from the ceremony are captured forever in a photo book that brings this moment to life for our friends and family. We think of you often - you are forever in our hearts! Aloha! Diane and Rex

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 01:57:48 PM
Name: Mineesha & Antron Mason
E-mail address:
Comments: Just stopping by to say thanks again! We don't know what we would have done without you! Aloha!
Friday, November 21st 2008 - 07:54:04 PM
Name: Rev. Kolleen Wheeler
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Homepage URL:
Comments: Re: Our 25th Anniversary (of 08/27/83) Celebration... 

To my darling husband, Bruce...

To thank you for a wonderful, 25th anniversary trip to the awesome Southwest that was filled with wonderful adventures, beautiful photographs, happy visits with my sister and our mainland friends, and especially the fun and sweetness of our Graceland Chapel vows renewal with our own "young" Elvis... What more could I ask for... besides another happy and healthy "25" with you! 

Thank you, Sweet Bean, you are my dear, dear husband.

All my love, 
KolliLyn aka Lovely Ducik aka Delphinidae Fields

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 05:02:10 PM
Name: Bobby & Dianne Navarro
E-mail address:
Comments: Aloha Rev Kolleen & Bruce,
Sorry we will not be there to help you celebrate your wedding renewals in Vegas, but we just are not able to break away and Bob's work is demanding. We still plan on seeing you in Nov. 2010 for our wedding renewals in Maui. So Aloha and best wishes and always our love. God Bless
Bobby & Dianne
Thursday, August 28th 2008 - 04:41:37 AM
Name: Conn Bancroft
E-mail address:
Comments: Bruce & Kolleen,

We were in hopes to make it to Vegas for the ceremony but Natasha's schedule will not allow it.

Our plans to visit you in Maui will probably be delayed until after the first of the year now due to my vacation schedule.

We really didn't want to delay our trip but things work out for a reason so we will go with it.

I'm sure the two of you will have a super time on your trip to the mainland and look forward to hearing the details on your return.

With our love and best wishes........Natasha, Conn & Hannah

Tuesday, August 26th 2008 - 09:41:50 AM
Name: Ken & Kristi Dufala
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Dear Rev. Kolleen & Bruce,

We cannot thank you enough for all the work you put into our wedding to make it as magical as it was. You are both very professional!

Kolleen, we couldn't have asked for a kinder person to bless our ceremony. Your words of inspiration will last a lifetime.

Bruce, thank you for the beautiful photography. So many of our friends and family members have been impressed by your quality of work. You captured every special moment both on video and in still pictures. You made it possible for our families to feel as though they were right there with us.
Thank you again.

We look forward to someday seeing you both again. God Bless and best wishes.

Ken & Kristi Dufala

Saturday, August 23rd 2008 - 04:24:47 PM
Name: Rev. Kolleen & Bruce Wheeler
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Comments: Aloha! E komo mai (welcome) to our new Dreambook guest book! Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for visiting our web site, we truly hope that you enjoyed it all!

With our warmest aloha from beautiful Maui,

Kolleen & Bruce Wheeler

Thursday, August 14th 2008 - 10:51:58 AM

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