August 29 - 31, 2004

After a (yawn) three hour layover at DFW (Dallas), we head
for Memphis just as the morning sun clears the horizon.

A FedEx airfreighter on final approach to Memphis International.

The New Salem Baptist Church was highly recommended by a
clerk at Dollar Rent A Car for its outstanding gospel choir.

The New Salem choir in action . . . absolutely heavenly!
(One of our very favorite memories of the entire trip!)

Why were we in Memphis? Mostly to see Graceland, the
home (and final resting place) of "The King of Rock 'n' Roll."

A "nice" house, but much smaller than one might imagine.

The living room.

The dining room.

The media/party room. (The '70s are well preserved here!)

Stage costumes and awards as seen in one of a number of such rooms.

"The Famous Gold Jacket"


The graves of Minnie May Presley (Elvis' grandmother), Elvis,
Vernon Presley (Elvis' dad) and Gladys Presley (Elvis' mother).

Two weeks after the August 16th anniversary of Elvis' passing.

Floral overflow...

Kolleen is having a Cadillac moment!

Speaking of Cadillacs, here's the pink '55 that El gave to his mom.

El's Convair 880 jet.

More Elvis stuff...a program from his high school graduation
ceremony (June, 1953), and a temporary Social Security card.

The entire wall fronting Graceland, along Elvis Presley Blvd.,
is covered with messages from The King's many fans.

Downtown Memphis at mid day evokes
a nostalgic feeling for the 1950's.

Any city with a vintage streetcar system can't be all bad...

Soulsville USA, home of "The Memphis Sound!"

The sign about says it all . . .

And, a short distance across town, the famous Sun Records studios!

The soda fountain/gift shop at Sun Studios.

Certainly not a Mark Twain-era Mississippi River scene, these
sidewheeler tour boats take "time trips" back to days gone by.

Kolleen with our Hyundai Sonata rental, a very nice ride!

The Peabody Hotel, home of the world famous "Peabody Ducks!"

The Peabody Ducks themselves! They spend their days in the hotel's
lobby fountain, and nights in their opulent rooftop penthouse pen.

The ducks come down to the lobby via elevator each morning, and return
to the roof each evening. Both events draw large numbers of folks who
totally cram the lobby to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. Here they
are on their way to the elevator, at the other end of the red carpet.

Kolleen catches up on her journal entries in front of the
Peabody's penthouse. The ducks' pen is on the far side.

While Kolleen does her journal thing, I'm busily shooting the
sun as it sets over Arkansas, across that "Ol' Man River."

If Memphis is "Home of the Blues," Beale Street must be its
"party room." Three long blocks of non-stop blues, blues, blues!

Memphis is especially noted for its superb "dry" barbecue ribs. We got it from
several sources that The Rendezvous was "the place" to get 'em but, much to
our chagrin, it's closed on Sundays & Mondays - the only full days we were in
town. We opted for the Blues City Cafe, and were extremely pleased with it.

The line cooks at Blues City Cafe, hardworking guys to be sure!

BB King's is directly across the street from the Cafe.

Our final meal in Memphis was breakfast at the Gridiron, located on Elvis
Presley Blvd. a short distance from Graceland. Down home good eats and
lots of Elvis stuff on the walls. (Yes, Elvis was a customer, too!)

Memphis from the air, heading for Cleveland!

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Photos by
Bruce Wheeler
(C) 2004

All shots taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5700